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Parental contact orders: schools’ hotline FAQs

Practical Law Public Sector addresses the questions that schools may ask local authorities regarding day-to-day school management and sets out the legal issues to consider when responding:

This FAQ looks at what a school can do when a divorced father wishes to attend his son’s school’s parents’ evening. For details of all our school hotline queries, please see Practice note, Schools hotline FAQs.

Q: Jane’s parents are divorced and there is a court order in place restricting her father’s contact to supervised contact every other Saturday. Can he attend the school sports day?

A: No. As the court order is so specific, Jane’s father should not attend any event in school at which Jane is present. As a parent, he may attend parents’ evening or other parent teacher meetings where Jane is not present, unless the court order states otherwise. The school should obtain a copy of the court order from either parent to be sure of their position.

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