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Public procurement policy review: June to August 2017

This post sets out the key developments in public procurement legislation and policy that lawyers need to be aware of and covers the period from June to August 2017. The post does not consider case law as this is covered in our monthly public case digest. For a summary of the latest cases, see Public Procurement case digest (July 2017). A new case digest covering cases from August and September 2017 will be published at the start of October 2017.

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Government publications and guidance

  • On 24 August 2017, the Infrastructure and Projects Authority and the Cabinet Office issued guidance on essential resources available for project delivery professionals in government who are seeking guidance on managing projects or programmes.
  • On 17 August 2017, the Local Government Association (LGA) Brexit Group issued a statement calling for simplification of the EU procurement rules post Brexit. The LGA believes that the government needs to introduce a more efficient UK system regulating how councils buy goods and services after Brexit.
  • On 8 August 2017, the Cabinet Office and the Government Digital Service published updated guidance on open standards for use in government technology.
  • On 17 July 2017, the Technology and Construction Court (TCC) launched the TCC Guidance Note on Procedures for Public Procurement Cases. This protocol, which takes effect immediately, provides guidance on the management of public procurement claims and the singular procedural issues and difficulties which arise in the course of such proceedings.
  • On 13 June 2017, the LGA published guidance for local authorities on the use of dynamic purchasing systems in the public sector.

Crown Commercial Service publications

  • On 22 August 2017, the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) launched a new Estates Professional Services framework. The framework is intended to operate for the benefit of public sector bodies such as local councils, NHS trusts, schools, the emergency services and housing associations.
  • On 21 August 2017, the CCS published guidance on its free aggregation services for public and third sector organisations. Aggregation for these purposes means combining buyer’s requirements with those of other government, public and third sector organisations to achieve greater savings when buying everyday goods and services such as vehicles, laptops and WiFi services.
  • On 1 August 2017, the CCS published its August 2017 update, which covers a wide range of developments, resources and commissioning opportunities.
  • On 3 July 2017, the CCS published its customer update for July 2017.
  • On 9 June 2017, the CCS published its customer update for June 2017.


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