2 thoughts on “Extending the right to buy: a good or bad thing?

  1. I absolutely agree – this policy if put into practice will have a profound effect on not only Housing Associations ability to keep building new social housing and their ability to house those in need it will leave (yet another) “black hole” in public finances.
    If moves are made to implement this policy then it MUST be challenged – it is a recipe to turn the public funding crisis into a catastrophe……………..ridiculous.
    I am so pleased that so many are now voicing their criticism of this ill thought out scheme.

  2. Local authorities’ most expensive housing stock seems likely to be made up of the most attractive properties, and so likely to have the lowest turnover. It is hard in those circumstances to see how the receipts will keep pace with sales so as to fund the compensation to housing associations. It’s notable that the Government’s projected turnover rates far outstrip those put forward by the IFS. With social housing in short supply, this is a policy that can only make things worse.

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